fives court company

A new way to build courts

The Fives Court Company has pioneered the use of pre-cast panels to make Fives courts. This eliminates variations between courts and avoids problems from over rough playing surfaces and slippery floors that have dogged some recently constructed courts.  It also ensures that courts are completely standardised with none of the old variations in court size and behaviour previously experienced.

Courts are prefabricated in the factory & then erected on site in a fraction of the time taken to build by more traditional methods. Once foundations are laid courts can be put up in 2 to 3 weeks.

Design innovations

Our courts are built to the official specifications of the Eton Fives Association and the Rugby Fives Association. However, in the case of the Eton Fives courts, we have incorporated some design features to improve the flow of the game. The front wall is extended to allow no-fuss serving. There is no lip at the top of the playing area, so serves do not run the risk of clipping the coping.
Floors are treated to make them slip-resistant. Eton Fives court roofs are extended beyond the back of the court to
minimise rain disruption and protect spectators.

Bespoke features

You can choose the finished look of your courts: facing material for outside walls, and the roofing material. You can also choose the colour of your courts. Traditionally courts have been cement or stone coloured. Unfortunately this is typically the colour of a worn fives ball once the paint has come off. Rugby Fives courts have traditionally been dark grey or black & we think there may be advantages of similar dark coloured Eton Fives courts.

Top quality materials

The courts are made from high quality materials by bespoke specialists. Usually this will be pre-cast concrete, as we believe this offers the most cost-effective option and the best quality playing surface, but local site considerations may require either a more traditional approach, with block-work and rendering, or the use of new composite materials. 

Our partner companies design, manufacture and install the units to ensure consistent quality throughout the process. The pre-cast concrete panels are made in moulds at the factory and then delivered straight to the site to enable speedy erection. Pre-cast concrete is used to ensure a completely standardized smooth surface to the playing area and a uniform bounce.

Our service to you.  We will:

Provide you a one-stop-shop solution to getting your courts erected and the Fives game played

Work with you to get the best court solution for your own particular circumstances.

When the courts are built, we can either arrange for a qualified Fives coach to visit on a regular basis to help you play the game, or train an existing member of staff.

Link you with other schools or clubs nearby to get competitive fixtures, if needed and provide any other support you need to get started playing fives.

We can also arrange for the repair & refurbishment of courts.

Our prototype Eton Fives (3-wall) court


Our Courts in Provence, South of France